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We deliver websites that are visually stimulating and technically correct. Attention to detail and accuracy are features of every website we develop. Ideas Activated is committed to looking beyond the basic web solution.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking matters
Ideas Activated will actively work to enhance your Search Engine ranking. We understand that your customers and prospects need to find you quickly and easily. Our SEO process gives you the peace of mind of always being on top.

We know that a content rich site will help you to facilitate a relevant and significant role in ensuring that your prospects and clients will be satisfied at the results that they uncover from your site.  Ideas Activated will ensure that relevant words and phrases are incorporated in your site to increase our clinet’s ranking related to the word searched performed.

In an effort to preserve the content’s integrity so that users can find the site useful and beneficial during their search, Ideas Activated will wok on delivering and coordinating the content of the site for its clients and the end user.  Ideas Activated as in many successful SEO launches knows that the driver for ranking and optimazation ultimaetely rests on making sure that relevant information for the end users are available at the site visited.



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