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We deliver websites that are visually stimulating and technically correct. Attention to detail and accuracy are features of every website we develop. Ideas Activated is committed to looking beyond the basic web solution.

About Us

Ideas Activated was established with a combined ten years technology experience. Our managing partners has undergone extensive training and certification processes that qualifies them to create cost effective solutions for your business needs, customize the results for your specific requirements and tailor it to your particular business brand. Our expanded networks of partners can assist you to take your business to the next level.

Ideas Activated is eager to bring forth meaningful solutions to our clients. Our objective is to provide a product and service that builds on our three C’s: Customers, Capability and Cost Effectiveness. We understand that without our customers, Ideas Activated will cease to exist. This is why we seek to provide you with the highest quality of customer service. Our service is unparalleled because every time you call, we answer.

Ideas Activated strives to connect you to one of our representatives so that you can always have a live conversation. We have provided our clients many different avenues to stay connected with us including but not limited to, emails, chats, IM’s, remote desktop assistance, phone, SMS, etc. Our capable technicians and advisors will assist you in implementing and solving your technology concerns as expediently as possible. We know that time plays a key factor in running your business as efficiently as possible so Ideas Activated will bring forth results or answers to you quickly and effectively. We want to be your resource and solution to your technology needs. We have aligned ourselves with industry leaders to bring you cost effective strategies for your business.

We are continuously searching and finding partners that can helps us reduce your cost and increase your profitability. Cost Efficiency is imperative in delivering goods and services to our clients so that we can become your partners to success. We understand that cost is key concern amongst business owners. Ideas Activated strives to keep cost down and value high. We believe that by forging a partnership with us, we can help you achieve a higher revenue growth by providing you with solutions that can save you money.
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